Tips for Creating a Positive Company Culture

Positive company culture can offer your business many benefits including better talent recruitment, more employee investment, and less workplace stress. These can, in turn, provide you with better collaborations and work performance. Creating a positive corporate culture takes time and effort, but here are some tips to get you started.

Emphasize Employee Wellness

Wellness is about physical, mental, and emotional health, so ensuring that your workers have the tools and resources necessary to maintain a good work-life balance, tend to mental health, and have the ability to relax can boost wellness and promote healthy company culture. Healthy employees focus more on work and less on worries, have fewer sick days, and can have lower insurance rates. In fact, many large health insurance providers will give financial incentives for gym memberships, step counting apps, and weight loss goals. Working with employees for suggestions can help you offer some of these incentives as part of your benefits package.

Base Growth Goals On Current Culture

The goals you set to grow your positive corporate culture should build on what you have now. You can brainstorm these goals by asking employees what they do and do not like about the current work environment. Making an anonymous survey, offering incentives for filling out feedback forms, or even putting a suggestion box in the break room are all good ways to ask.

Once you have an idea of what is and is not working, you can set clear goals for where you want to be. Include timelines and benchmarks whenever possible and offer rewards for reaching them. For instance, if one of the items your survey brought up was a lack of healthy drink options in the break room, then you can give yourself a timeframe for installing a water bottle refilling station and give employees bottles as an incentive to use it.

Provide Meaning and Encourage Positivity

A mission statement and core values for your company, as well as examples of how each job contributes to those things, can show employees that their work has a meaningful impact. You can also express gratitude to your employees for the things they do and engage a positive attitude to lead by example. Not only do these things make the workplace a nicer space for everyone, but it can also boost morale and help create a positive company culture

For many people, corporate culture has long been anything but positive and many companies are working hard to change their philosophy and boost employee morale. You can create a more positive culture by fine-tuning your company mission statement and core values, basing growth goals on those things, and encouraging employee wellness.