SBA Loans

The Small Business Loan You Need to Succeed

small-business-loansMost businesses can benefit from a small business loan at Flipside Capital. As a preferred financial company, we have helped many small businesses receive their loans in a quick and more efficient manner.

The following are the SBA loans we offer:

  • Equipment Funding – We understand how difficult it can be when you are just starting out, but with equipment funding you can purchase or lease the machines you need most. This includes machining tools, trucking, laundry equipment, medical items and printing machines.
  • Business Acquisition Loans – If you want to acquire an existing business, we offer fully amortized loans with no balloons. With 48 hour pre-qualification, the process is fast and simple.
  • Commercial Real Estate Financing – Whether you plan to purchase, refinance, renovate or build, we have the commercial real estate financial options you need most. This applies to hotels, auto dealerships, gas stations, veterinary clinics, repair shops and so many others.
  • 7a Loans – Eligible for this loan are partially owner-occupied properties such as car wash facilities, restaurants, gas stations, child care centers, franchises and other similar businesses. Interest rates are competitive and loan amounts can reach $5,000,000.
  • 504 Loans – Most for-profit businesses qualify for this type of loan with competitive fees and affordable rates. Available financing can reach up to 90% for real estate refinance or acquisition, while equipment acquisition reaches 80%.

Working with your lender, you can come up with the perfect type of SBA loan for your business. Flipside Capital has a commitment to ensure you have the knowledge and understanding it takes to make that decision.

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