Healthcare Financing

Healthcare Financing for One of the Most Important Industries

healthcare-financingThe healthcare industry is perhaps one of the most important in the world. Everyone needs to be taken care of, and they each deserve the best care possible. As a medical provider, it is your responsibility to obtain the proper healthcare financing needed to offer your patients exactly what they require. At Flipside Capital, we serve doctors and dentists, veterinarians and chiropractors. From debt consolidation to practice acquisition and equipment leasing to working capital, we have the solutions you need most.

Debt Consolidation

The medical industry can get expensive, but that’s no reason your practice has to suffer. Our resources allow you to consolidate debt into one low monthly payment with approval that typically only takes one day.

Practice Acquisition

If you wish to grow your practice, this is the perfect solution. Our practice acquisition option allows you to buy out a partner or buy into a practice. Every medical professional who qualifies will receive 100% financing.

Equipment Leasing

Your equipment plays an important role in the health of your patients. We understand the need to have it current and in good condition. If you need it, we can arrange for you to loan and lease at the same time.

Working Capital

Sometimes you just need working capital to use as needed. This includes paying off debt, expanding the practice or even some personal needs.

Getting Started

At Flipside Capital, we want to help you provide the best care for your patients. Contact us today to get started with medical financing for your practice.