Consumer Financing

Consumer Finance Options for Your Industry

business-consumer-financingAt Flipside Capital, we offer the consumer finance options you need to succeed in your industry. With a unique approach, our customers receive tailor made financial solutions to help them get ahead in business. If your products or services are sold for less than $10,000, we’ll make sure your customers have the financing they need so you don’t lose out on their sales. Whether we purchase your in-house portfolio or revolving credit agreements, consumer finance will help you get ahead quickly.

How This Benefits Your Company

By financing your consumers, we offer your company many benefits. They include:

  • The ability to finance consumers who may have been previously turned down by a credit provider.
  • Capabilities for e-signatures.
  • Consumer interest rate flexibility.
  • The ability to provide creative and competitive programs such as “no down payment” or “no interest for six months.”
  • Instant credit approval.
  • The collection of bad debt portfolios.

Not sure your industry could benefit from this? We help those in medical, dental, travel, vocational, retail, membership, furniture and many other industries. There’s no reason you should be left out of it.

Getting Started

If you are interested in finding the proper financing for your consumers, contact Flipside Capital today. Let us show you the options you have for allowing customers to easily afford your products or services.