Consumer Financing In Atlanta, GA

Consumer Financing In Atlanta, GA

Flipside Capital offers consumer financing solutions to business owners in Atlanta, GA. Our consumer financing program is designed to increase your customer base by providing accessible payment options to your customers, as well as improving your bottom line and cash flow. Consumer financing allows Atlanta, GA based business owners to boost sales and carve out a larger market share for their companies.

Increased Revenue

When customers shop at your business, they try to stay within the parameters of their budgets. This can be a problem for both customers and businesses alike. Budgetary restrictions usually lead to customers “settling” for products and services that fall short of what they really need, which also means your business is losing our on potential sales. Simultaneously, customers with open invoices on large sales may be causing a strain on cash flow for your business. Our consumer financing solution for Atlanta, GA businesses will not only resolve the lag in payment from open invoices, but it will also promote a much higher volume of sales.

The Benefits Of Consumer Financing In Atlanta, GA

Flipside Capital offers consumer financing solutions to Atlanta based businesses, which features:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Growing a strong and returning customer base
  • Ultra-fast credit application and approval process
  • The ability to offer a wide range of payment options to customers
  • Flexible payments and interest rates, based on customer credit ratings
  • Creative marketing, such as “$100 same as cash for approved applicants”

Flipside Capital offers fast decisions on consumer credit applications, refunds, deposits, and even a support network for both customers and businesses in Atlanta, GA. With our top-tier customer service as well as our capital resources, high credit limits, and marketing campaigns, Atlanta based businesses can boost their bottom lines.

Building Brand Awareness

Flipside Capital gives Atlanta, GA businesses the power to offer financing options, as well as credit cards emblazoned with their own company logos. By providing these to your customers, combined with the good will generated from offering flexible payment options, your business will generate a fantastic “passive marketing” campaign. As customers tell friends and family members about the great benefits of shopping at your business, sales will increase, and your brand awareness will have amuch farther reach.

Creative Marketing Incentives

With consumer financing, Atlanta, GA business owners have the ability to increase customer traffic with creative incentives. Marketing that includes decreased interest percentages, discounts, or even gift cards for approved applicants will help to promote your business and grow your customer base. This translates to more people taking advantage of the great consumer financing options your business offers while simultaneously boosting your sales.

Get The Best Consumer Financing In Atlanta, GA 

If you own a business in Atlanta, GA and would like to increase sales, grow your business, and improve cash flow, then the consumer financing program from Flipside Capital would be a great fit for you. By giving customers flexible payment options, they will be able to purchase what they want, and your business will be able to carve out a larger market share in the Atlanta area. Call our team to day for more information.