Equipment Leasing

Quick Approval for Equipment Financing and Leasing

equipment-financingIf your company is looking for a way to afford certain equipment, Flipside Capital has got you covered. With equipment financing for most types of businesses, application approval typically happens in less than one day. Whether for middle market or large ticket financing, we do not require much of a down payment, if any at all, and we never require your financial statements.

Why You Should Lease Your Equipment

Equipment leasing comes with benefits that you may not realize until you are in the thick of it. To give you an idea:

  • The monthly payments are low and your capital is never tied up.
  • You are able to preserve any credit lines that you have.
  • The term has fixed payments.
  • You have advantages in taxes and accounting.

What Programs Are Available

At Flipside Capital, we offer a variety of programs when it comes to equipment funding. Working together, we’ll help you decide which program is best for your business. They include:

  • Startups – This program is for companies that are just starting up their business. Many financial institutions won’t take a second look after they deny you the funds, but we want to help you grow. Offering funds for your equipment will help you succeed.
  • Sale and Lease – Our sale and lease back option allows you to keep the equipment you currently have. We will purchase it from you and then turn around and sell it right back to you. After you have paid the entire lease off, the equipment becomes yours again.
  • Municipal and Government – With instant approval, municipal and government entities benefit greatly from our equipment leases. This goes for public schools, police and fire departments, libraries, the armed forces and other federal agencies.
  • B, C and D – These credits allow companies to get back on their feet after an economic setback. We’ll take a look at your needs to structure a personalized program for you to rebuild with.

Contact Us for More Information

For more information about financing your company equipment, contact Flipside Capital today. With a free, no-obligation quote, we can help you see how easy it is to obtain and keep the equipment you need most.