Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Using a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan

stated-income-real-estateWhen you want to steer clear of a traditional commercial loan, but you need to purchase or refinance your property, Flipside Capital has got the solution. A stated income commercial real estate loan has fewer documents for you to fill out. Approval is quick and easy, allowing the process to run more smoothly and quickly than you might expect. Rather than focusing on your credit history, we consider the income potential of the property and whether or not it will provide enough for taxes, mortgage and insurance.

How to Use the Loan

There are a variety of ways our customers use a stated income loan. You might consider:

  • Consolidating Debt – We will help you find more ways than one to save while also consolidating your debt and getting it paid off.
  • Improving Property – Renovating your building can create a change in the way you do business and in the way your employees feel about the workplace.
  • Purchasing Property – You don’t have to rent a space for your company. With our loan options, you can purchase the property outright and build equity as you run your business.
  • Refinancing – Perhaps you already own the property and want to refinance. Our options allow you lower rates and fixed terms.
  • Working Capital – Sometimes you just need extra cash for unforeseen circumstances. Let working capital be that safety net.

Which Properties Are Qualified?

At Flipside Capital, we work to ensure any property can be approved for a stated income loan. Some might include apartments and other multifamily rental units, restaurants, retail space, office buildings and distribution warehouses.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

No two businesses are exactly alike, and your loan options shouldn’t be either. At Flipside Capital, we will tailor fit your financial solution to the specific needs your company has. To learn more about a stated income loan, contact us today for your free, no-obligation analysis.