Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing at Flipside Capital

purchase-order-financingTo obtain the funds you need for the purchase of pre-sold merchandise, Flipside Capital has got you covered. Purchase order financing offers your company a financial solution that covers the importation and exportation of pre-sold goods. It also covers domestic production. Whether you are a producer, distributor, wholesaler or reseller, we help you keep up your end of the bargain with the funds you need most. For startups or companies that have been successful for many years, we’ll help you succeed even more.

The Benefit of Purchase Order Funds

When you acquire purchase order funds from Flipside Capital, you can expect to see an increase in capital. Some other benefits you’ll see include:

  • An increase in market shares
  • Your customers receive on-time deliveries
  • Fast and flexible funding
  • No lost equity
  • No bank debt
  • The fulfillment of large orders
  • Large profits

Companies with poor cash flow or limited access to capital can even experience these benefits. Regardless of where you’re at in the course of business or the system of purchase ordering, let Flipside Capital help you stay at the head of your game.

Getting Started Today

To learn more about purchase order loans and funding, contact Flipside Capital today. With a free quote in hand, you can decide what the best financial route for your company is.