Accounts Receivable Financing In Atlanta, GA

Accounts Receivable Financing In Atlanta, GA

Flipside Capital provides accounts receivable financing solutions for Atlanta, GA business owners. For those businesses that send out invoices with aging windows of 30 days or longer, our accounts receivable financing program can get you a quick turnaround, so you can start to accumulate growth capital, and take your business past the next goalpost. Flipside Capital provides fast AR financing and factoring services to our clients, giving Atlanta, GA businesses an advantage when working capital is required for time-sensitive opportunities and financial obligations.

No More Waiting On Payments From Customers

At Flipside Capital, our mission is to provide fast and accessible financing solutions to businesses in Atlanta, GA. Because of this, we can arrange accounts receivable financing for Atlanta entrepreneurs within 24 hours. We think this is an easier alternative to waiting 30 days or longer for customers to submit payments on open invoices. Our accounts receivable financing program is also faster and more affordable than taking out traditional bank loans to alleviate a strain on cash flow.

In order to put things into perspective, let us take a look at traditional bank loans, customer payments, and accounts receivable financing:

  • Open invoices can take between 30 and 120 days to get paid in full, depending on the aging window on invoices
  • If invoices are not paid, going to a collection service can add another 45 days onto that time line
  • Bank loans have high requirements, including credit checks on businesses, as well as financial histories – including a balance of payments received from customers
  • Accounts receivable financing offers fast approvals to get your business the revenue it is owed, rather than waiting weeks or months
  • AR financing streamlines business accounting, which gives Atlanta, GA businesses a centralized source or revenue, as opposed to tracking open invoices across multiple accounts
  • Accounts receivable financing eliminates the need for collection services

Accounts Receivable Financing Is Not A Bank Loan

Our accounts receivable financing program involves no credit checks on your business, nor does it require Atlanta business owners to take on any debt. Contrast this with traditional bank loans, which place debt on the balance sheets and involve lengthy financial and credit checks. Simply put, Flipside Capital’s AR financing program is designed to get businesses in Atlanta, GA the capital they need from open invoices, without having to suffer through a strain on cash flow or get locked into a payment schedule due to unnecessary debt. Our AR financing program actually preserves credit ratings, so Atlanta, GA based businesses can focus on rolling out new products and services, or expanding their operations.

The major benefits of our accounts receivable financing program include:

  • No fixed monthly payments
  • Flexibility
  • Fast and debt-free working capital
  • Open invoices are converted to cash within 24 hours
  • No impact on your business credit ratings

The Best AR Financing In Atlanta, GA

Whether you need to order supplies, meet financial obligations such as payroll, or simply just want to get paid from open invoices so you can start growing your business, contact the professionals at Flipside Capital. We are committed to providing the best accounts receivable financing solutions in Atlanta, GA.