Evaluating Your Business Team for the Future

Creating dynamic business teams involves much more than gathering together groups of disparate employees. Team members must be interdependent, share leadership, and strive together toward common goals. Here are some tips on forming viable business teams that can help propel your company forward to continuing success.

Begin With Basics

In the initial stages of building a business team, get the members together to discuss the team’s ultimate goals. Encourage your employees to share their expectations in terms of self-expression and creativity. Follow this up with a survey that assesses perceptions of topics such as trust, commitment, and resolution of conflicts. Have your team members establish a charter with productivity and behavioral guidelines, and make copies for everyone.

Assess Talents

Implement an exercise to evaluate the various work styles of the members of your business teams. This allows them to accommodate each other’s idiosyncrasies for more effective collaboration. Although it’s important for your team members to form common skill sets to facilitate problem solving and conflict resolution, it’s also essential to recognize the unique talents that the various components of your business teams bring to their shared tasks.

Encourage Open Communication

Foster frequent communication and an open exchange of ideas among your team members. Periodic team building sessions encourage everyone to interact and provide opportunities for bonding. Select the team building activities to match your company culture and the unique purposes of your individual business teams.

Relax Together

An atmosphere of levity helps everyone to loosen up and provides much-needed stress release. Start off meetings with jokes, humorous anecdotes, or funny videos. When your team members have been working hard, order in some food or take them out to lunch. Celebrate together when you reach significant milestones on your way to major goals.

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