Consumer Financing In Atlanta, GA: Helping Local Businesses Increase Their Bottom Line

Consumer financing in Atlanta, GA helps businesses across all industries increase revenue and maintain a steady cash flow. For customers, consumer financing in Atlanta, GA offers payment options, which in turn means they can access the products and services they need and want, without breaking the bank.

How Consumer Financing In Atlanta, GA Works

Consumer financing in Atlanta, GA allows businesses to offer payment options to their customers. When a customer applies for consumer financing, a quick credit check is run to determine the amount of financing they have available, and what their payments will be on large purchases. Once approved, customers are “in the system,” which means businesses get a consistent cash flow. The entire process takes but a few minutes. Instead of paying the total all at once, the cost is spread out over manageable monthly installments.

The Benefits Of Consumer Financing To Customers

When customers have payment options, it encourages sales. Flexible financing means customer can purchase the top shelf items which would normally be out of their price range. In certain local industries, such as healthcare, consumer financing in Atlanta, GA means patients can pay off medical bills, instead of letting the invoices age out and get moved to collection services.

Marketing Incentives

Businesses can leverage consumer financing to offer incentives to get customers to sign up for payment options. “Up to 6 months financing or $1000, same as cash” casts a wide net to grow the customer base, increase sales, and lock people into the system to ensure timely payments and an improved cash flow. Previously, consumer financing in Atlanta, GA was only available through automobile dealerships and big box stores. These days, consumer financing is used by businesses in almost every industry imaginable.

Which Industries Use Consumer Financing In Atlanta, GA?

Second to retail, the medical industry is a huge proponent of consumer financing in Atlanta, GA. After healthcare, the IT industry, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, landscapers, construction companies, and even independent contractors and staffing agencies use consumer financing in Atlanta, GA.

Finding The Best Consumer Financing In Atlanta, GA

Flipside Capital offers the most comprehensive consumer financing. From a fast and easy setup to incentives, payment plans, and even credit card options, we provide the systems and strategies businesses need to maintain a strong cash flow, and position themselves for growth. Contact our offices today to learn more.