So You Have a Bunch of Networking Contacts. Now what?

So You Have a Bunch of Networking Contacts – Now What?

You probably know that when you meet new contacts while networking, it’s important to follow up with them after your initial meeting. Any topics you discussed should be fresh in both of your minds, and you may know of opportunities that would be of benefit to the other person. Following up soon after you meet a contact will likely feel like a natural course of action for both of you; you can send a brief email stating that it was good to meet the person, and you might mention a detail from the conversation you recently had.    

However, many people fail to make the most of the contacts they meet when networking. Such individuals may be of great use to you at times when business is slow or when you’re planning new projects. Consider the following techniques for reaching out to contacts you met a while ago without feeling awkward.

Utilize Social Media

People connect on social media sites all the time, so a person you met some time ago should not find it strange to hear from you via such a platform. Sites where it may be especially appropriate to do this include Twitter and LinkedIn. You may want to tread carefully when approaching people on Facebook because that is often viewed as a more personal social media site.

Don’t Be Afraid of Traditional Mail

You don’t always have to approach people by way of electronic format. In the same way that alternative financing provides non-traditional solutions, approaching contacts in a non-conventional way could be exactly the right business move to make. In fact, a friendly postcard or greeting card may have a more powerful effect on an individual than an email or social media message would. Numerous people are accustomed to receiving a high volume of spam emails and social media messages, so getting a card via “snail mail” could be a pleasant surprise.

When you contact people you met networking many months previously, make sure to remind them of the context of your initial conversation. Let them know that you’d like to remain in contact, and tell them that if you can ever be of service to them that they should feel free to contact you. By being consistent about staying in touch with contacts, you can put your networking efforts to good use.