Atlanta, GA Consumer Financing Solutions: Improving Sales

Businesses across all industries in the Atlanta, GA area need to focus on multiple things to thrive and grow. Businesses need to ensure a steady cash flow, grow their client base, and increase sales while managing overhead costs and running marketing campaigns. Atlanta, GA consumer financing solutions allow local business owners to handle all of these factors, while streamlining operations.

Atlanta, GA Consumer Financing Solutions To Increase Sales

Atlanta, GA consumer financing solutions provide payment options to customers. Instead of paying for a purchase in one lump sum, consumer financing spreads out the total cost over manageable monthly installments. This stimulates sales, because once payment options are introduced, customers can make larger purchases and go for the top shelf items and services which would otherwise fall outside of their budgets.

Atlanta, GA Consumer Financing As A Marketing Tool

Atlanta, GA consumer financing solutions have built-in marketing tools to help businesses grow their customer base. By using consumer financing, Atlanta area businesses are capable of offering incentive to new and existing customers, such as “First year same as cash” and similar for those enrolling in the financing program. This not only appeals to the consumer base, but helps to grow the number of people making purchases and getting approved for consumer financing, but also get people enrolled to improve cash flow.

Atlanta, GA Consumer Financing Is Easy To Implement

Implementing consumer financing is easy. When a customer applies for consumer financing, someone at the business places a phone call to the agency providing the service. The agency will then perform a credit check on the applicant, in order to figure out how much each installment will be, and the interest rate. The entire process takes only a few minutes, so customers can shop around or wait while the call is being placed.

Who Uses Atlanta, GA Consumer Financing Solutions?

There was a time when only car dealers offered consumer financing in the Atlanta area. After that, big box stores started offering financing options. These days, consumer financing can be offered by retail businesses, IT start ups, the healthcare industry, manufacturers, distributors, and everyone in between.

Get The Consumer Financing Strategy That Works For Your Business

If you own a business in Atlanta, GA and want to carve out a larger market share, contact the team at Flipside Capital. We specialize in financial strategies for small and growing businesses.