Atlanta, GA Consumer Finance Options: Growing Your Customer Base

Local businesses are turning to Atlanta consumer finance options, not just for the built-in marketing tools, but because consumer finance options are one of the easiest ways to grow their customer base. Consumer finance options were once only available to big box stores and large automotive dealerships, but now they are more accessible, and businesses across all industries are offering payment options to their customers.

Atlanta, GA Consumer Finance Tools

Consumer finance in Atlanta, GA offers local business owners a wide range of powerful tools which can be used to offer customers incentives. Consumer financing gives customers payment options, but those very options can be used to draw in a larger audience. Atlanta, GA consumer finance programs allow local businesses to to run sales and advertisements, offering specials such as “First six months, same as cash” or “No money down for first time buyers.” These special incentives attract new customers to sign up for financing, and increase sales.

Customers No Longer Have To Settle

Consumer finance options give purchasing power to your customers. Instead of paying for the entire purchase up front, the total amount owed is spread out over monthly installments. This gives customers the ability to make larger purchases without having to worry about exceeding their budgets. Instead of holding off on big items, or settling only for what they can afford right now, customers can purchase exactly what they want, and simply make manageable monthly payments afterward.

Consumer Finance Programs in Atlanta Are Easy To Implement

Consumer finance programs in Atlanta can be implemented very easily, and customer enrollment is fast and painless. When a customer applies for Atlanta, GA consumer finance options, a phone call is placed to the financing provider. Then a quick credit check is run to determine how much financing is available and what the monthly payments will be. Once the fast approval process is complete, customers can access their financing immediately. Payments can be made online or over the phone. Because of how easy the process is, Atlanta, GA businesses ranging from retail to healthcare, distributors, importers, construction companies, manufacturers, and more are offering consumer finance options to their customer base.

Learn More About Atlanta Consumer Finance Options

Flipside Capital offers the most comprehensive Atlanta, GA consumer finance program. If you would like to grow your customer base, increase sales, and carve out a stronger foothold in the marketplace, contact our offices.