What are the Secrets of Time Management?

Smart time management strategies can help you pay attention to what tasks are on your plate and what could possibly be coming your way in the future.

Beyond this could include being aware of what other tasks are in motion through your organization. Are there tasks that others have responsibilities for that you can offer to help with? This is a smart way to build up loyalty among your peers and supervisors, and demonstrate that you’re a team player.

But it all starts with a focus on better time management.

Make a daily list.

It’s easy to forget something when you have too many things to remember. But a list can let you know what’s ahead and what the priority tasks are. There’s also some satisfaction from being able to cross items off as they’re completed.

Wrap up at least one thing.

Even if there are some long-term projects that may take weeks or longer to come to fruition, look for something smaller to take care of in a day. This can help create a feeling of making progress. Not being able to accomplish anything can quickly make you feel tired and unproductive.

Set reasonable goals.

It’s easy enough to create a list of items that should be done at some point. But it’s also easy to start ignoring the less critical ones indefinitely. However, you might be able to motivate yourself by assigning every project a due date. This can also work well if you’re a last-minute person and the only way to get something done is to do it as the clock is ticking. While pushing deadlines by itself isn’t necessarily great time management it can allow you more time for other tasks.

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