Eco-Friendly Work Place Habits for Small Businesses

Owning a small business comes with vast responsibility, as well as the ability to change to world. While your business may not be focused on something that directly affects the well being of the planet, there are several eco-friendly, cost efficient ways to change up your workplace for the well being of the earth. In addition to cutting down on costs, switching just a few aspects in the workplace can make a significant difference in the waste your business produces as well as emission usage. Follow these 4 tips on how to make your workplace better for the environment and your business.

#1: Use a Reusable Mug

This will conserve in multiple ways: your money, from the discounts generally offered when using your own cup, the carbon dioxide emissions (1.25 pounds), and the paper and plastic that gets thrown away with every bought coffee.

#2: Turn Off Lights

Turing off the lights when it is not necessary for them to be on is a great way to easily conserve energy. If you are leaving the room for longer than 10-15 minutes, flick off the lights. It will cut the electricity bill of your small business quite a bit, and help keep the atmosphere clean.

#3: Add Some Flora

Plants not only add a pleasing aesthetic to the workplace, they also help remove volatile organic compounds from the air. Common, hardy plants that help clean office air include aloe, spider plants and bamboo, depending on how sunny your space is.

#4: Power Down and Unplug Electronic Devices

Powering down your computer every night for just one month will save you $3.30 in electricity, but more importantly, eliminate 51.3 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Let every one of your employees know to shut their electronics down every night and when not in use, and just imagine how much electricity you could be saving and emissions you could be preventing.

In addition to the several ways listed above to conserve and be more eco-friendly in the workplace, you can also consider encouraging your employees to carpool or bike to work, cut down on paper usage, install energy-efficient equipment, or similar measures. There are many ways to help keep the earth clean, and your workplace is a great way to begin.