7 Reasons you Need an Electrician for your Fix n Flip Property

When you have a fix n flip property, you want to make sure that there are no electrical issues that could create a dangerous situation, like a fire. While you might be pretty handy, electrical wiring situations are best left to the professionals.

If you’re trying to decide whether you need an electrician or not, consider these scenarios:
• Flickering or dimming lights throughout the home are signs of a serious wiring problem.

• When circuit breakers frequently trip, the wiring cannot handle the current electrical load. Most homes are designed with circuit breakers that trip when the circuit is overloaded to prevent wires from overheating. Updating the wires will be the best possible choice when the circuits keep overloading.

• Sparks from the breaker panel or an outlet are serious electrical problems that need to be addressed.

• Switch plates or outlets should not be hot to the touch. The electrical current can make the plate warm to the touch, but when the switch or outlet is hot, you most likely have a wiring problem.

• If you smell burning plastic, but cannot find a source for the odor, you could have an electrical fire. An electrician can help you find the exact source of the burn and make repairs.

• You cannot always see damage to the wires in older fix n flip homes. When a home has been neglected, the wiring might be chewed on by rodents. Older homes also have a tendency to have outdated wiring.

Electrical problems could cause a fire in a fix n flip home, which is a risk you shouldn’t take. You might be trying to fix the home up at the best possible price to make the most profit, but you could also be at risk for a lawsuit if you don’t get the wiring up to code. Protect your business by hiring a certified electrician to handle the electrical wiring. Contact Flipside Capital if you need lending for your fix n flip property.